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Rover Deluxe- 6′ Box – Without Drawer

Needle Platform 6′ and fix

Acrobat – 6′ – Aluminum –...

we are ?

We are a devoted team of recreational enthusiast who are passionate about moving forward.

Who is better suited to design perfectly adapted hydraulic platforms than snowmobile and quad enthusiasts?

We are recreational sport die-hards at the head of an engineering company!
ANT. Recreational manufactures high performance gear devoted to recreational sports, hydraulic-mechanical platforms and fixed platforms molded to sit on the bed of trucks.

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At A.N.T. Recreational, as a canadian company and proud riders we are dedicated to provide design, engineering and produce quality local products with exceptional customer service.
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Customers comments

Since I discovered the Hydraulic Sled Deck, it changed my life. It works very well with my 2 snowmobiles in winter and my side by side in summer. I use it all year long and it has always been in my truck’s box since 2018. Thank you A.N.T. Recreational!

Rico Ouellet

The hydraulic Sled Deck allows me to practice many passions. I love to use it with the snowmobile in winter. Thank you A.N.T. Recreational! It’s a beautiful product!

Dominic Lapierre

I like the style of the A.N.T. Recre Sled Deck. It’s like the first day I installed it. Very practical in the box of my truck for all my recreational sports! Thank you!

JoJo Lafrance

I am very pleased with the product. I will recommend the Sled Deck to all my friends. I use it with my snowmobile and my motos it’s very practical with the hydraulic conception! Thank you!

Stéphane Milot