Clutch Cover With Bolt Kit


The A.N.T Recreational performance package includes a lightweight, ventilated clutch cover for the PolarisTM 800-850 snowmobile and 6 high grade titanium bolts. The clutch cover allows you to reduce rotational weight for increased ride response. In addition, the vortex system dissipates heat in the clutch and belt to increase performance and durability.

Although the clutch cover is balanced, it is recommended that the assembled clutch be balanced to avoid vibration or breakage.


Clutch cover machined in the mass:

  • OEM replacement + 600, 700, 800 from 2005 and +
  • Higher resistance and efficiency compared to the original
  • Up to 40% lighter than the original parts
  • Made in Canada

A.N.T. Recreational clutch cover bolts are made of high strength titanium. Our innovation and lightweight design improve engine speed response. Machined in the mass.

  • OEM replacement + 600, 700, 800 from 2005 and +
  • More resistant and efficiency than the original
  • Fabricated of high strength and resistance compared to the original part
  • Weight reduction up to 47% compare to original
  • Complete as a pack pieces
  • Made in Canada

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