Acrobat – 6′ Black Box


The Acrobat A.N.T. Recre is very easy to use with its two-button control for moving the platform up and down
quickly and easily. The platform is the most secure, versatile and waterproof on the market. It has the same dimensions as the truck once closed.

Deposit : $ 4395.00 Per item


  • Mechanical hydraulic platform that tilts to the ground Load
  • Capacity up to 1600 lbs
  • Line-X® tough, non-slip surface
  • Side and rear extensions retractable in seconds Aircraft grade
  • aluminum
  • Waterproof platform
  • Central storage option
  • Black rear bar included
  • Optional black base
  • Possibility to customize
  • Accessories available

Additional information

Weight 1185 lbs


Charge capacity

1600 lbs



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