Mathis Jacques

Mathis is known for his performance in backcountry snowmobiling since the age of 4. It is very present in the snowmobile field. With a father ambassador for Arctic Cat, he is on his way to becoming a pro-rider.

François Jacques

For more than 30 years, François Jacques has been a true snowmobile enthusiast. He is very involved in the field both professionally and with his children Antoine Jacques and Mathis Jacques. He teaches snowmobiling and snowbike in 2 schools including Domaine Valga and Revelstoke. He is a pioneer in the field of backcountry snowmobiling in Quebec. François uses the A.N.T. platform daily. He is one of the first ambassadors for A.N.T. Recreational.

Jonathan Lefebvre


Do you know the Aventure Chic-Chocs off-piste snowmobile company? It’s Jonathan Lefebvre who is behind the passion of this company. He offers snowmobile and snowbike rental services, guidance and teaches the techniques of his sport in the Chic-Chocs mountains in Gaspesie.

His beginnings in snowmobiling go back to his childhood and since then snowmobiling has become his winter sport of choice. He has been a Polaris Pro rider since 2015 and the only one in Eastern Canada. His A.N.T. Recreational sled deck has been his utility of choice for 5 years to transport his snowmobiles, snowbikes, but also his Jetski and his seadoo in the summer!

William Gosselin


William Gosselin is a young pro rider for Polaris for more than 5 years.
He has always worked for the family business Pro Performance. He immersed himself in high performance recreational sport early on. He is sponsored by 13 brands for his passions including snowmobiling, side by side and more, because Will is passionate. Originally from Quebec City, he is very familiar with the area of Eastern Canada, but he is also very well known in the West of the